#140 December 2018


Issue 140 of The Knock News
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In this issue:

THE P-8A POSEIDON Following an RAeS lecture in Elgin delivered by, Wg Cmdr James ‘Snoopy’ Hanson, on the future of UK maritime patrol, Richard Oakley gets technical.
DIETS, FADS AND CARBS A rambling discussion on diets and exercise ideas. A number of ‘guru’ style diets are discussed along with refefence to clinical trials from the 1940s.
RHYNAGARRIE MILL Near Aberlour, lies a fabulous holiday let, Rhynagarrie Mill, restored by architect, Douglas Forrest, in 2000.
WHISKY AND BANDITRYExcerpts from and a review of Scotland’s Secret History: The Illicit Distilling and Smuggling of Whisky,Editor, Marc Ellington.
THE CHAIRMAN Jim Mair, chairman of Deveronvale Football Club, Banff, explains what his job entails and what the challenges are today – facing semiprofessional,
Highland Football League clubs.
PROPERTY INVESTMENT Lisa Mcleod shows us the REIT way to invest in property. REITs are mostly exempt from corporation tax and do not require a large outlay.