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February 2016
My friend Nick Barnard

My friend Nick Barnard
By Liz Ashworth

Nick is one of the longest-serving, or should I say ‘stirring’, stalwarts of the annual World Porridge Making Championship, The Golden Spurtle. He holds the record for participation and has reached the final five times and counting! I have a long way to catch up, having taken part only three times. However, I have been a regular attendee over the years supporting the main sponsor Hamlyns. Nick and I have become friends through our mutual concern about the state of the British diet. He has done his utmost to address this, firstly forming his company Rude Health, which began in 2005 producing the Ultimate Muesli and on that healthy breakfast, the business was built.

In Nick’s own words, ‘In essence we wanted to make nourishing, honest and truly tasty food that we could not find made by others. We kept our focus on innovation, quality, trust, authenticity, no compromise and sustainability.’

‘If we let government decide what foods they eat, and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny’ Thomas Jefferson

Nick began to write a book which he has aptly called Eat Right . This idea has been simmering for years! In 2014 he was inspired to propose a book about one of his core fascinations, fermentation, which evolved into a much broader, important subject about truly nourishing foods. Research and development has been a ten year journey since the founding of Rude Health but, in reality, the actual writing took about four months.

The book is well written, erudite, sensible, informative, logical and
full of surprises about the food we have gradually begun to eat over the last decades. It describes in detail the insidious replacement of our wholesome, healthy, food produce that was eaten by our forebears. Once you read this book you will definitely start thinking about your own diet and about your shopping, cooking and eating habits – and I hope you can change what you can for the best. Nick has kindly shared some of his recipes with us this month, just a small flavour of this truly worthwhile and enduring publication.

To read the full story, be sure to pick up a copy of the February 2016 issue!

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