Why will advertising in the Knock News save me money?

The Knock News and Regional Advertiser will provide you with very competitive advertising rates.

We will save you money on advertising. Our rates are considerably better than many of our competitors (by sometimes a third of the price!).
Why? We originally pitched our rates at smaller local businesses and have kept to that level over the years. If you think you can do better, we would be interested to find out where and how!
Remember to compare us to similar glossy magazines and enquire about circulation as many publications do not like to openly publish those figures.
We print 9,000 copies per issue that are distributed between Elgin and Inverurie. We estimate a readership of minimum 37,800/issue based on prior feedback re: number of people who read each copy.
Additionally, the fact that we are a glossy magazine with a dedicated readership will give you the edge over advertising in a newspaper.

How do you want your brand or company to be represented?

And how much are you willing to pay for that superb representation with all the right sort of readers looking at your advertising – ultimately?
Well, with the Knock News, at our surprisingly low advertising rates, we can easily slot into most advertising budgets and you will have – the right sort of glossy advertising to enhance your brand.

We specialise in excellent deals for advance or block booking – please enquire. Our established free magazine is exceptionally popular and in high demand from the outlets that we supply across the region. We are widely accessible and taken by choice which means that your advertisement should be warmly received by our readers, the direct opposite of using unsolicited junk mail to represent your business.  Many of our advertisers report an excellent response, this could be you!

These advantages will benefit you if you are a local, regional or national company.

I am very busy right now and why do I need to advertise anyway?

To let your current customers and your competition know that you are the best.

To let your existing customers know you are still there for them.

To get new customers and enquiries, in case business becomes slack all of a sudden.

I don't know how to prepare an advert and am not sure what to send you.

We can provide an initial free design if you supply us with the text, a logo or pictures, etc.
We can make limited changes to your adverts if you book in advance for a number of months – please contact us for more information regarding preparation of adverts and terms and conditions.

If you contact us now, we can start work on your advert, provide a proof for you and get you started for the next issue!

We can also accept ready made professional artwork at the right size. There are a few local graphic designers who can prepare adverts for you at a reasonable cost, they can also manage all of your advertising and sort out your adverts for different publications and your advert will have that professional touch.

We can send you an advertising rate card with the dimensions.

I need to advertise but business is bad and I have no budget.

We have many small businesses on tight budgets advertising with us. Many people are taking out classified adverts to kick-start their advertising. If business is slow, you need to advertise in some shape or form and keep up a public profile. We cannot promise results, but many of our advertisers report an excellent response, see positive feedback we have had from advertisers on the next page.

If your budget is severely restrained, contact us, our classified adverts start from £10 + VAT!

We have tried advertising before with other publications and it did not work for us.

We cannot supply you with advertising agency services, we simply take your instructions for the content of an advert. However, we can make some recommendations to you based on the successes of some of our current advertisers. We have a wide range of sizes and price options available.

What is your circulation?

Our circulation is 9,000 printed copies per issue,with an estimated readership of 37,800+. We only distribute through outlets and our magazine is in very high demand.

Our popular magazine is often read by more than one person, allowing you to reach many more readers. We know this through reader surveys we have carried out. Our magazine is also kept for long periods of time compared to newspapers and is even collected! One copy is sent to the National Library of Scotland.

Our circulation has risen steadily over the last few years and demand for the Knock News always outstrips supply – unlike many newspapers whose circulations are slipping year by year.
Our circulation figure is excellent compared to similar publications, both regionally and nationally. Examples can be given if you contact us.
Please get in touch for further details or if you have any questions relating to circulation or distribution, or if you would like to become an outlet for the Knock News.

When do you publish, where can I get it and who reads it?

We publish four issues annually, approximately on the 10th of the month.

The Knock News is free.

We distribute through leading supermarkets e.g. Tesco, Asda and many other retailers e.g. Marks & Spencers, Baxters Highland Village, Johnston’s of Elgin and many other smaller supermarkets, newsagents and business premises.

This area covered in the north east of Scotland are parts of Moray, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire. Our growing circulation covers Elgin to Turriff, the Banffshire Coast – Macduff to Cullen and towns such as Keith, Banff, Huntly and Inverurie. We deliver as far south as Dufftown.

Our readership is varied from business people, active people in the community, retired and semi-retired people with varied interests and disposable income and tourists.
Our readership is mainly of the 35+ age group.

Why can't I find a copy anywhere!?

That’s because copies are sought after and go quickly!

You can see if your local newsagent/supermarket can reserve a copy for you. Failing that we can email you some sample spreads in PDF form. We may not deliver in your area, contact us to find your nearest outlet. Subscriptions are available if you are out of our current circulation area and would like regular copies.

Why is the Knock News unique?

The Knock News is published in Knock, near Huntly. We were established in 2007. We are an independent publication.

We are A4 size, full colour and printed on gloss paper. Our magazine has attractive layouts, and content. We attract and find many writers and contributors who are local experts and enthusiasts and as such our editorial content is fresh and unique. We have gained a reputation for this and this is why our magazine has become so popular and successful and has attained an extraordinary brand image and local loyalty over the last 8 years.

Our magazine is unique in the north east due to our varied content, uniqueness and style.

Our magazine is free and distributed from supermarkets and many other outlets in the region.
Demand is very high from outlets where we distribute e.g. supermarkets, newsagents etc.

Our readers choose to pick up and keep a copy of the Knock News. This means that readers are already warmed to advertising within the magazine.
Unlike unsolicited junk mail which you are more inclined to disrespect in the first place.
Think what you do with junk mail/catalogues etc. that are pushed through your letterbox. Sometimes a cursary glance, then most likely it finds its way to the bin, barely read after an hour, sometimes not even opened.

With our magazine, you have the exact opposite. Readers will keep thier copy out on coffee tables and keep it for at least the whole month, sometimes many months.